Knockout Round Predictions

France (+135) vs. Argentina (+205)

It’s not exactly a secret that Argentina has looked terrible so far in the World Cup. It took a last minute Rojo goal to send Argentina past Nigeria in the final group game. France comes in as the favorite, but was never really challenged in group play. It’s always scary when the other team has the best player on the field (and probably in the World), but France takes this game 2 – 0. 

Portugal (+185) vs. Uruguay (+175)

I would be shocked if this one turns into a high-scoring affair. Uruguay didn’t lose a game or give up a goal in group play. Portugal has not done a lot to dispel the theory that they are more than just a one-man team. 1 – 0 Uruguay in Extra Time (Draw +180).

Russia (+480) vs. Spain (-200)

Russia surprised us all with two wins out of the gate. The moment they were tested, however, they did not look so great. Although Spain has not played up to their potential yet, I don’t expect this to be much of a contest. 3 – 0 Spain. 

Denmark (+395) vs. Croatia (-175)

Croatia has arguably looked better than anyone else so far at the World Cup and their destruction of Argentina got everyone’s attention. Modric and Rakitic are the best midfield duo around and should be able to unlock Denmark’s defense. 1 – 0 Croatia.

Mexico (+505) vs. Brazil (-235)

Will Mexico finally advance past the round of 16? The answer is no and they couldn’t have come up against a tougher opponent. I don’t expect Brazil to dominate this one though. There no way Mexico will play as poorly as they did against Sweden, but Neymar is too much to handle. 1 – 0 Brazil. 

Japan (+830) vs. Belgium (-265)

Japan advanced to the round of 16 because they had more fair play points than Senegal. It’s the first time that has ever happened in the World Cup and it’s pretty wild to think that FIFA doesn’t have a better way to decide tiebreakers. Belgium is clicking on all cylinders right now, and I don’t expect this to be much of a game. 2 – 0 Belgium. 

Switzerland (+155) vs. Sweden (+205)

Sweden has impressed me so far this World Cup. They may be one of the hardest back lines in the world to break down, and I expect that to continue against Switzerland. If Emil Forsberg can get some space in the midfield, I like Sweden here for my first and only upset in the round of 16. 1 – 0 Sweden.

England (+105) vs. Colombia (+300)

This game all comes down to the health of James Rodriguez for Colombia. The news doesn’t sound great, and if he doesn’t play, I expect England to control most of the game. With many key starters rested in their group finale against Belgium, England should be fresh and ready to go. 2 – 1 England. 

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